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how to see window 10 ram gb

Many of the users when started using Windows 10 reported that when they open the Windows property window or the Task Manager, they noticed that only a part of the total amount of RAM is currently usable by Windows. In some cases, they would see an unusual large amount of RAM been “Hardware Reserved” by the Windows in the Task manager. It could be in fact due to reason that amount of … ... More

how to use log paper

How to use a Skew-T Log-P diagram by Scott Dimmich Whether you’re a high or low altitude pilot, you can see how the temperature and amount of moisture in … ... More

how to stop facebook app from restarting

To get rid of this problem you have to uninstall the Facebook app from your Galaxy tab 10.1 and after that install the app again from the Google play store. To uninstall the Facebook app: 1. ... More

how to start a crotch rocket

The crotch rocket is a sports motorcycle, typically distinguished by it's aerodynamic 'hunched-over' seating position and high power to weight ratio. Trivia The name 'crotch rocket' is … ... More

how to start youtube video at time

15/12/2013 More parameters. The YouTube documentation has a list of other useful parameters, including end for stopping the video at a given time, and rel for showing or suppressing the list of related videos when yours stops playing. ... More

how to turn off safe search google

... More

have to teach you how to be villains

We know you are busy, so we've created a range of homework options to suit all classrooms and teaching styles for grades F-6. We have everything from printable homework to fully automated options, with each supporting the Australian Curriculum. ... More

how to turn a powerpoint into a video 2007

Tags: play dvd in powerpoint, convert dvd to powerpoint, insert dvd in powerpoint, embed dvd in powerpoint. Overview. Many people need to present a DVD in PowerPoint slide, which may make presentation much more entertaining and informative. ... More

flip how to find fix and sell houses for profit

Flip How To Find Fix And Sell Houses For Profit Audio Ebook Flip How To Find Fix And Sell Houses For Profit Audio currently available at www.fitnessxpert.co.uk for review only, if you need complete ebook Flip How To ... More

how to start your trap song

Trap music in this connotation was characterized by soulful synths, 808s, the pan flute, sharp snares and long, syrup-slurred vowels. To take a step backwards, then, early '90s groups like Three 6 ... More

how to search for a shop on ebay

Shop OfficialBestBuy. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! ... More

how to teach improper fractions to third graders

3rd Grade Fractions Fractions Worksheets Third Grade Math Teaching Fractions Equivalent Fractions Math Fractions Maths Math Classroom Teaching Math Forward Here you will find our Fraction Strip collection for equivalent fractions, Equivalent Fractions Worksheet, Free Printable Fraction Worksheets, Free Math Sheets for kids by the Math Salamanders ... More

how to start foreskin restoration

Non-retractable foreskin - starting out. Dillan. Dillan. Post Feb 27, 2011 #1 2011-02-27T11:52. Hi. I'm a 19 year old and discovered yesterday that I have had an entirely non-retractable foreskin all my life. As naive as it may sound, I had no idea it was supposed to be "retractable" in any form and quite frankly, I'm still in a state of being "mind-blown" by the fact it is apparently normal ... More

how to use a dutch oven

A good Dutch oven serves as the most important—and most versatile—cooking vessel in your kitchen. Use these tips to successfully cook with a Dutch oven. ... More

photoshop how to see layers

Photoshop Elements :: How To See All Layers In Layers Palette Feb 15, 2013. why don't I see all the layers in the Layers palette. View 2 Replies Similar Messages: ... More

how to set casio illuminator

Find casio illuminator at ShopStyle. Shop the latest collection of casio illuminator from the most popular stores - all in one place. Shop the latest collection of casio illuminator from the most popular stores - all in one place. ... More

how to use recipe gallery app

Closely guarded, passed down from generation to generation, recipes are an amazing part of a family or even communitys culture. Make sure you preserve your recipes and even turn them into extra-special works of art by creating a DIY recipe design in Canva. ... More

we can tell eachother secrets and remember how to love

Dont lose hope. If you want a guy to fall in love with you, you have to be hopeful at all times. Losing hope can be a disease not only in trying to win the heart of a man, but also in all things that we ... More

how to use interactive content

Interactive content has endless possibilities. It can take so many different shapes and sizes, tackle such an assortment of goals, and be used across the whole spectrum of marketing channels, that it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. ... More

how to take apart a mauser bolt

Take the firing pin out, pull out the bolt stop, and try installing it again. Push the end of the firing pin in and rotate a quarter turn counterclockwise (left). Note that the … ... More

how to send someone money gta online

4/10/2013 · Help Me Get To 1.5k: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=iidvp ★ Get A Text When I Upload: http://motube.us/iiDVP Where I Livestream: htt... ... More

how to take creatine without gaining weight

I’ve noticed a bit of weight gain (I’m trying to lose weight, but in spite of the gain, my pants are nearly as tight now), and I’m not concerned about the gain (despite trying to lose it) as much as just the question about how much I should take and for how long. ... More

how to use western commode

Sit, don't squat: Swiss teach tourists the proper way to use a Switzerland is doing its best to teach new visitors a lesson in Western toilet etiquette. ... More

how to make people walk in roblox studio

9/09/2018 · When I imported it, the collisions were not calculated properly in Roblox - my character would walk over a small valley, for example, but appeared to be walking in air (by 1-2 studs) over the actual mesh below. I tried all the collision modes in Roblox, but nothing would fix it. ... More

how to structure history extension major work

Physical science, the systematic study of the inorganic world, as distinct from the study of the organic world, which is the province of biological science. Physical science is ordinarily thought of as consisting of four broad areas: astronomy , physics , chemistry , and the Earth sciences . ... More

how to tell if bees are in your attic

The expensively heated air in your living space is conducting up through your ceiling, into your attic, and warming the attic enough to melt snow. Ideally, your attic temperature should be equal to the outside air temperature. ... More

how to use simple notepad

How to Code in Echo Form in Notepad: To create a Game in notepad is not difficult just you need code and method to do, for beginners I advice to start with simple programming.....PLEASE LEAVE A … ... More

elumen hair color how to use

The Special Lift. The Highlift 11-Series lifts hair up to 4 levels lighter and offers a broad shade spectrum for cool to vibrant color results. The Ultra-Blondes 12-Series offer up to 5 levels of the strongest lift for most brilliant blondes and ultra-brilliant results. ... More

how to write a thesis for a scientific research paper

When we start writing the thesis, the investigator keeps all the published/being published research papers in front as a reference material and then starts writing the thesis by framing the ... More

how to use digital hd ultraviolet with itunes

Logan [UltraViolet HD or iTunes HD via Movies Anywhere] 20th Century Fox $6.95 $3.00 (You save $3.95) In 2029 the mutant population has shrunk significantly and the X-Men have disbanded. ... More

how to stop adsx on google chrome

Welcome to BC ! Start with using the programs below to find and remove the adware and malware causing the problem. Use CCleaner to remove Temporary files, ... More

how to walk away from a relationship

What keeps us in a relationship? Getting out of a relationship is a big moment in anyone's life especially if it has lasted many years and there are children involved. ... More

ionix how to train your dragon whispering death

IONIX: Shapeshift, build, unleash!Watch your back, the Whispering Death is sneaky and mean! Now you can build your own Whispering Death into a mighty Dragon! Construct his wings, tail and more as you unleash his shapeshifting power. Fly into battle with the entire line of IONIX Dragons Mini Figures and recreate epic scenes from How To Train Your Dragon 2! ... More

how to use polaroid 600

17/06/2009 · The last Polaroid 600 film was made in 2008 and is nearing expiration now. You might be able to find some if you hurry, but prices are inflated and you'll have to use it right away. I wouldn't bother. ... More

how to turn off usb debugging on galaxy s4

ENABLE USB DEBUGGING Samsung devices have a Download mode for flashing with Odin: 1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S4. 2. Press and hold the Power Button + Home Button + Volume Down Button at the same time. 3- Once the warning “WARNING!” Is displayed, release the three keys and then press the “Volume up button ” to Continue. Install TWRP on Samsung Galaxy S4. 1- Run the “Odin ... More

how to work out velocity without time

9 surprising ways you can earn Velocity Points. Wondering how you can earn Velocity Points without booking a flight? Whether you’re a Points junkie, or you’re just beginning your Velocity journey, here are 9 super simple ways to boost your Velocity Points balance.* 1. Park the car. Out and about? Forget circling the block for hours on end! Book ahead with Book A Bay and you’ll earn 5 ... More

how to stop applications from restarting windows 10

16/10/2017 · Restart will close all apps, sign out all users, and full shutdown and restart (reboot) the PC. This tutorial will show you different ways on how to restart your local Windows 10 PC. Based on your feedback, the feature to restore applications that have registered for application restart after you ... More

how to set up google forwarding phone number

Currently its not possible to forward your calls to an international number. To add a forwarding phone: 1.Click the gear icon at the top right of the Google Voice window. 2.Select Settings. 3.Click Add another phone. 4.Enter a name for the phone, the phone number, and select the Phone Type. 5.Click Save. 6.A Verify your Phone pop-up will appear with a verification code. Click ... More

how to use sleep mode garmin vivofit 2

Recently, I was invited to try out Garmin vívofit 2 activity tracker and I agreed because I thought it would be beneficial to experience using one so I could relate my experience back to my clients. ... More

nodejs how to use lodash

Learn how to build JavaScript applications with Node.js with these tutorials from top web developers and trainers at lynda.com. Find out how to control web servers, and create event-driven ... More

youtube samsung a5 2017 how to set up

This guide shows you how to set up your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Android 6.0 for internet. This is necessary in order to use the internet browser, receive email and more. - Worldmanuals.WebCore.Projections.Device (Android 6.0) ... More

how to set up a partnership business

29/05/2017 Just as responsible spouses draw up wills and buy insurance policies to guard against the worst, responsible partners will draw up an agreement that covers the terms of their business partnership. It will save you and your partner an expensive legal battle if the worst happens. ... More

how to use heat and bond ultra hold

Rated 5 out of 5 by Lilly1977 from Easy to use Hear N Bond is the best product ever made for crafting. Yes, it says no sew but when you make things for toddlers and small children better be safe then sorry. I absolutely love it...but can find cheaper at other places. ... More

how to see bio on tinder

If you want some real Tinder tips, read our guide to lines that work on Tinder. To craft a funny bio that actually attracts women, we recommend combining misleading humor with ... More

how to live and work in japan

Yes, then check out this Work in Japan online service. It's FREE, in English, and it gives young professionals a platform to seek work in Japan. Get a job in Japan. Ever dreamed of living and working in Japan? If you can picture yourself eating sushi, wearing a kimono, singing karaoke, climbing Mt Fuji, ... More

how to turn on bluetooth on hp computer

Once your computer rebooted, go back to Device Manager, and if you still don’t see Bluetooth listed, click the Scan for hardware changes button on the top-right. If the operating system still can’t detect the device, manually download and install the Bluetooth device … ... More

how to tell if your seat belt pretensioner has fired

For the purpose of this study, the global automotive seat belt pretensioner market has been divided on the basis of pretensioner type, vehicle type, end market and region. On the basis of pretensioner type, the market has been segmented as retractor and buckle. Among these types, retractor type is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period. On the basis of vehicle type, the ... More

how to use buffer powder

158 results for ph buffer powder Save ph buffer powder to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow ph buffer powder to stop getting updates on your eBay feed. ... More

how to stop being a nice guy pdf

Do what comes naturally and feels good - being slow and gentle is a good idea to start with so you can make sure you are both comfortable. He was very slow and rather than just pushing into me hard and fast, he took his time making sure I got used to his penis being inside me. He repeatedly asked me if I was ok or wanted him to stop. I told him no and I only felt slightly uncomfortable at ... More

how to delete account from thunderbird and start again

After Thunderbird is uninstalled, start Nautilus and press Ctrl+H to show hidden files. Then, delete the folder .mozilla-thunderbird in your home directory. Then, delete the folder .mozilla-thunderbird … ... More

how to use camouflage makeup

Paramedical skin camouflage can effectively hide your tattoo for up to 18 hours. Paramedical skin camouflage is professional camouflage cosmetics. ... More

how to use artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions) and self-correction. ... More

how to use visual basic editor in excel

20/01/2016 · I'm using Excel 2016 on a Surface Book running Windows 10 Pro. Just tried to use VBA for the first time a couple days ago, activated all the add ins fine. When I go to the Developer Tab and click Visual Basic it opens up an empty gray screen with just the title "Microsoft Basic Visual for Applications - Book 1". ... More

how to stop sabotaging yourself at work

While we may sabotage ourselves at work, conversely, we can choose to change and to manage those self-limiting behaviors. When we recognize and stop this magical thinking and focus on choosing from strength, we think and act from a place of empowerment and confidence. ... More

how to start fire with rocks

As indicated by the name, you need two items to start this type of fire: flint and a piece of steel. With some searching, you can find an appropriate piece of flint. Flint rocks, such as quartz, agate, chert, and jasper, which are high in silica content, are needed for striking fires. These stones have a smooth, glassy appearance. Stones that are easy to grasp in one hand are the ideal size ... More

how to tell when someone blocks u on snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps out there and like other apps, it includes the usual array of privacy options including the ability to block a contact. However, there are times when a user wants to know if they have been blocked by someone. So, if you are not receiving a snap ... More

how to use a talking stick

This is a great tool to be used for reviewing or even group discussions. You can use a stick or a bean bag (or almost any other distinctive object). Place the talking stick in the centre of the group. Pose a question to the group, when a participants has something to say on the subject they then take it … ... More

how to send delegation civ 6

23/08/2016 · Information is power, and Beach has a great tip for this: “I always try to send a diplomatic delegation to all the other leaders to get my visibility boosted. It costs a small increment of gold but is always worth it.” Or you can play as France, whose spies always keep you informed. ... More

how to use automatic fine needle devices threader thread guide

20. USING AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER * Be sure to raise the presser foot lifter and raise the needle to . its highest position before threading. NOTE: Dont pull thread with strong force or thread ... More

how to turn 10k into 20k

Otherwise, 10k would be a good starting point for getting into shoutouts. You can try to arrange some sort of an agreement, but most of the time, you will have to pay for shoutouts. Talk to different accounts to get an idea how much they are worth. ... More

how to stop a cat from crapping in your garden

Cat enclosure You can set the boundaries that work well with the space you have available in your garden or outdoor space, sectioning off areas if necessary. Fully customisable, the enclosure can be designed to work with any outdoor space. ... More

how to use gear vr

Tomorrow we will be at the WTT to make a talk about the differences between AR/VR/MR and on how to use our ImmotionRoom system. Well take with us a laptop and a GearVR and so well need a technique to stream Gear VR content to my laptop or to an external screen (or a projector) to make people see what my buddy Gianni will see inside the ... More

how to use myob accounting

ODBCLink is an add-on to MYOB that downloads your accounting data into a database; either Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Azure SQL Database or MySQL. There, the data can be queried using SQL. And an There, the data can be queried using SQL. ... More

how to use nab flik

NAB flik also supports payments using QR codes. You can send money to other NAB flik users instantly. Payments to non-NAB accounts are processed overnight if ... More

how to pack jewelry for air travel

Now I travel about once a month or so, domestically only, and pack the same way. When my kids travel with me I limit them to 3 outfits too. More room to pack special treasures! When my kids travel with me I limit them to 3 outfits too. ... More

how to start a plasti dip business

I have seen plasti-dip cars and they get scuffed and scratched easily. If you are going to go through all the trouble of the prep work, which is most of the work, you might as well paint with real paint. I would think it would take a lot of work to thoroughly remove all the plasti-dip to do a real paint job anyway, getting it out of all those small spaces. You can get a spray gun for 10 bucks ... More

how to properly wear a push up bra

WingsLove Reusable Push-up Nubra – Self Adhesive Nude Push Up Bra If you are having smaller boobs, then this form enhancing silicone strapless bra is the good option. Wear WingsLove Reusable Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Invisible Push-up Bra Sexy … ... More

how to set data as x axis in excel

The X axis labels seem to be in the format yyyy/mm/dd, which is a quite unusual format for a default date. Therefore, the data is most likely text. Therefore, the data is … ... More

how to use cattells 16pf test to forecast management potential

... More

how to use google my business

As you’ve seen in the tutorial, to start using EmbedReviews you will only need to connect your Google My business location and our system will generate the Google Reviews for that account. ... More

how to stop prolonged periods

23/11/2015 · How to shorten your period early applying home remedy treatment? Many women experience painful menstruation with heavy flow results in unpleasant period. So, some of them want to shorten, lighten ... More

how to turn your phone into a wifi hotspot

Setting up your iPhone as a mobile hotspot by tethering to a wireless data network can give you faster speed and more security than public Wi-Fi networks (which arent always the safest choices ... More

how to get him to think about you

? How To Get A Man To Think About You ? How To Humidify Home ? Your next strategy is to make him want you just as much as you want him. [ HOW TO GET A MAN TO THINK ABOUT YOU ] If you want to make him sure you are the one CLICK HERE!!.How To Get A Man To Think About You Both of you divorced due to his infidelity and youve been keeping hold ... More

how to use fairy rings osrs

Fairy ring may appear various ways in lawns. Circles or arcs of dark green, lush, fast growing grass is perhaps the most common, especially in spring. ... More

how to make a stuffed animal talk

10/12/2013 Best Answer: I got the solution for you. 1. Pray to God/ Lord Jesus Christ to make ur stuffy animal alive. 2. Build a time machine, and go to future, and order stuffed animal that walk. 3. before you go to bed, keep thinking about stuffed animal that is walking.. and ... More

how to solve feet per second

Velocity in feet per second = (0.408 x GPM) / Inside diameter of pipe in inches, squared Q=AV (quantity = area x velocity) ("the basic equation of water flow") (example: quantity in cubic feet per second = square feet of area x feet per second velocity) ... More

how to wear a short evening dress

Browse evening dresses are elegant & fashion for your occasions at marieaustralia. We peovide all range of style evening wear like sexy, elegant, lovely, eye-catching and mysterous style. ... More

how to set home screen android

14/05/2015 · The ability to customize your homescreen is one of the many attractions of having an Android phone. In the past, this was a feature that was included in many downloadable launchers. ... More

how to see all tasks that run on startup

At the top of the Security Options panel, you should see your administrative user account, which, as you can see, is the account that Task Manager will use to run the task. Next, select the Run ... More

how to support relationship between children in school age children

School-age children most often have smooth and strong motor skills. However, their coordination (especially eye-hand), endurance, balance, and physical abilities vary. Fine motor skills may also vary widely. These skills can affect a child's ability to write neatly, dress appropriately, and perform ... More

how to take the microgynon pill

Microgynon 30 ED contains seven extra pills: 28 pills in total. The extra pills have no active ingredients (placebos) and they are taken during the pill-free week. This means that with Microgynon 30 ED you take a pill every day without a break, so you dont have to worry about when to start the next pack. During the last week of your cycle, you will have a monthly withdrawal bleed. ... More

how to tell if baby has finished breast

Sometimes your baby will tell you that she needs to burp by hesitating when it comes time to switch to the other breast or to finish the second half of a bottle. The hesitation may be accompanied by some fussing or crying, or it may just happen without any other signs. Either way, stop the feeding and try to burp her. A marked slow down in the speed she is eating may be another sign. ... More

how to tell him he& 39

It may be an inside joke he once shared with you, a series of photos, or a gift you gave him. He may also ask you for pictures (past or current). Nostalgic guys (who are missing you) are extra visual. They want to recreate those past feelings with a few glimpses of how life used to be. ... More

how to reach gokarna beach from bangalore by train

About Ocean Front Beach Resort Gokarna: Kudle Beach Resort Kudle Ocean front is located on the Kudle shoreline, Uttara Kannada district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Gokarna is a popular coastal tourist destination, a populace of 22000 . ... More

how to start off a report introduction

as the rest of the report; it should su–ce if the output is edited appropriately flrst and then pasted onto the body of the report or otherwise attach it. A possibly helpful reference is Chapman & Mahon (1986). ... More

eve online how to start a corp

Before joining a corporation you have to have a clear view of what you want to achieve in game. Then you have to make sure that the new corporation's goals are aligned with your own goals. Then you have to make sure that the new corporation's goals are aligned with your own goals. ... More

how to use bhim app in hindi pdf

The BHIM app is available only in Hindi and English and lacks multi lingual support for the time being. Also , the app is not available on iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS devices. Currently , the app allows users to link to only one bank account at a time. ... More

how to use golden gun in crucible

18/07/2015 · how to use a goldenG I accidentally found some broken blocks into this $7,000,000 Minecraft Base...and they had no idea! ... More

how to watch altitude without cable

This will be your personal best race at altitude, a new standard for high altitude races – and a reference for what you can do at that elevation, with that race's elements and terrain. Train by ... More

how to see god hinduism

For most of us, God that day was somewhere in the pristine valley, veiled by the fog in the canopy of forests spread over the Annamalai range. We waited with bated breath, hoping to see a great ... More

how to start a literary agency

Weve also rounded up what genres and subjects each agency is looking for as well as tips from published authors on finding the right literary agent for you. So go ahead, scribes: Start ... More

how to build a stand alone coat rack

Free DIY Woodworking Plans to Build a Coat Rack Post. I honestly never thought I’d love a coat rack as much as I love this one! Today’s plans are for the perfect accessory to help corral those backpacks, coats, scarves, etc! ... More

how to spend 5 days in london

Are you planning to spend 3 days in London? Then this itinerary is a great fit for you. With Sygic Travel, you'll make the most of your trip to London. Then this itinerary is a great fit for you. With Sygic Travel, you'll make the most of your trip to London. ... More

how to write a child abuse statement

Although writing an early statement is not mandatory, it can be very helpful. If a child is spending significant time in an early intervention program or with a support worker, you should discuss with the family who would be best to coordinate the transition statement. ... More

how to use barley for weight loss

Successful weight loss with Green Barley Plus: Green Barley Plus owes its high effectiveness to activity of two powerful active substances that are confirmed to work. It is worth noting that they are used in natural medicine, and the proportions used in the supplement guarantee its safe, optimal action. ... More

how to use kryolan aquacolor

Aquacolor Plus is the new precision in body art. Aquacolor Plus enables a precise color application, fine lines enhance creative designs. The colors can be blended with each other. The product should be mixed thoroughly to a creamy consistency. By re-activating Aquacolor Plus with the A+ Activator, the continuation of the bodypainting is possible at any time. Afterwards clean brush with soap ... More

how to tell if you re hydrated

Giphy. If you go in to see your doctor, one of the ways they may check you for dehydration is to take your blood pressure. According to the Mayo Clinic, you're more likely to have low blood ... More

how to use color splash app

Color Splash For iPad Performance The app is quite basic and easy to use, although it is worth watching the tutorial video to ensure you are aware of how to fully use the app. ... More

how to tell others to try your gym

22/12/2015 · So in an effort to reduce your anxiety you go a little overboard trying to be liked. Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum—you’ve got a hint of narcissism. ... More

how to get grace of inarius set

Game grace of inarius set build - PC Games or Mobile Games Free, Watch Gameplay - Games Lords ... More

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how to set friends list to private on facebook

If I set my Facebook friend list to private, and another friend (A) sets theirs to public, do our mutual friends know if I'm friends with A?

how to turn a powerpoint into a video for youtube

Any transition effect that is played in your PowerPoint presentation will be precisely converted into video. Fonts and Text Formatting All text objects will keep their size, position, style, font, color, bullets, and other formatting in your video presentation.

how to write the perfect love letter to your boyfriend

love letter to your boyfriend breakfast at yurman s helloheaven yayo jackie kennedy jfk written when takes control of being celebrate it and surrender heart itsst pinterest what write in a 4 st funtwin thank you marriage truly isst boredpanda letters for girlfriend ````` valentine gift template own bride groom husband wife cards letterst dating

how to tell time with sun and hands

To understand how the Sun is used to tell the time and the importance of shadows in determining the time of day/year. To gain hands on experience with scientific practices through observation, recording and concluding based on data in order to understand the process of scientific inquiry.

how to see status of bgp sessions in open daylight

Hello, I have an ASR 9006 running IOS XR 4.2 and I want to monitor some BGP sessions under VRFs using SNMP. However, when I poll the device using the OID I only get the BGP sessions on the global VRF.

how to write html code dynamically using javascript

Those are definitely separate questions. They're not even the same language as each other. You should make separate questions for each specific problem you have and attempt to reduce them each to as simple/little of code as still illustrates the problem you have.

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Northern Ireland: Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 1H1

Scotland: Livingston SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Livingston SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 3B3

Wales: Neath WAL, Wrexham WAL, Neath WAL, Wrexham WAL, Neath WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 7D6